20170127 - ASEBangers

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Announcement Emmen teams 2017
27 januari 2017

Last year’s teamrace was an incredible success. 31 teams  (of 8) all booked in on the day bookings opened and forced us to close  bookings same day. We worked out a format where all teams could race  and we had a great weekend. However these 31 teams was right at the max  for one day.

Over the last months we received several questions from  other (English) teams who wanted to race emmen teams 2017. This forced  us to look into the teamrace. We decided we’re not opening bookings  upfront this year. Instead all last year’s teamscaptains are getting an  invite where they have to reply on. When we still have some places left  afterwards, we will open bookings for other teams.

We will raffle the  available places when necessary. Main reason for this decision is to  support the drivers who made Emmen and race several races at our track  throughout the years. We don’t want regulars to be left out and being  substituted  by a team which races once a year. We know all teams last  year honoured their booking and don’t want to risk teams being left out  by another team who don’t honour their booking in the end.

All in all  it’s a measure we don’t like to take because we all like new faces and  especially new teams. But not if it means to leave out the drivers who  made Emmen to what it is today. The format will be more or less the same  like last years. The will be some minor adjustments but more on this  later on.
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